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Google Website Optimizer to Incerease Your Magento April 7, 2016

google-website-optimizerDealing with an online business you have, surely, faced the necessity to increase Conversion and implement certain improvements to make your business more successful.

So, what can be done to improve conversion rate on a Magento eCommerce site? The question can’t be answered without a proper study. And it is the very time to consider Conversion A/B Testing. Otherwise, how you will find out what is to be changed? Maybe, you need to make your layout more user-friendly, or implement other call to – action buttons, or add some functionality. Only real research can prompt you the suitable answer.

The next question is how to realize this. If yo are scared it will cost you too much and will take lots of efforts, calm down. There are several tools that can be very helpful and cost nothing. Let us pay your attention to Google Website Optimizer (GWO), for example, which is completely free conversion testing tool and can be used for A/B testing, as well as for multivariate (MVT) testing. And inspite of some limits to GWO and its native functionality with Magento, you will get all the necessary results which will be very helpful for your future work.

Choosing this tool you will be able to perform three variations of the conversion research. Let’s have a closer look at each of them:

  • A/B split testing a CMS page – the very research if you are going to implement a new design solution, or a new design element. Your website visitors will be divided into two groups even without knowing this. Every group will see only one of the proposed versions. Number of visits and conversions will be recorded in GWO. You can also track newsletter site visitors and discover if they convert better than regular ones. In any case, you will get the results which you can turn into your future benefits and summarize into a certain conclusion.
  • Multivariate testing a category page – it is the testing which you can use for your banner or some text changes. You will collect your click data. Add to cart data is the goal metric of the test, thus the test is extremely useful for banner testing. Banners perform the function of catching attention, they share some useful information and it is very important to make them noticeable and clicked on.
  • Multivariate testing a product page – this type of testing you can use to study the changing product attributes (up to 8 attributes per product). Google Analytics’ Custom Variables will demonstrate you the results which will clarify your further steps towards project improvement.

Before you start the testing, you need to make clear what changes you suppose to make and which test will be the most appropriate one. Detailed conversion testing on a Magento site can be quite complicated, but if you are going to reach some positive results, you should not be scared of the efforts, they will be worth of it.

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